Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Choose to be HAPPY

        Although this journey has started out bumpy (and not in the baby bumpy way I would have liked), I feel at peace tonight, so this month was not our month, that doesn't take away our yearning for our Belly Fish, and one day I will be able to sit down in this very chair and share the good news of our Belly Fish on board... one day...
        Until that day, I will be grateful for all the wonderful things Hope and I have been able to share this year...  over the past several years we have overcome obstacles of much larger proportion... things have always worked out!
        Any day now we will close on our house, and begin a journey in a whole new way, and something tells me that brand new bed will be the perfect place for Belly Fish to grow...  I can be happy about things not working out, or I can be sad about things not working out, and either way they just didn't work out, so I CHOOSE to be Happy!

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  1. found your piece of blogtopia through A Gayby Story. We too are just beginning our TTC journey! Officially following you and sending all kinds of baby dust your way!