Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All I was for Christmas is my Bellyfish

      Today is the day I have been waiting for, Hope is ovulating and our donor is coming over tonight... I can not believe that tonight we could be creating our Belly Fish... our very own Miracle on Prescott Street... I find myself feeling many emotions today: Fear for the sheer reason that we could be moms this time next year! Excitement because we could be moms this time next year! But most of all I am feeling Joy, because I have found the person that I want to build  my family with... and my dreams are coming true...
      I am very aware that today begins a journey that will be long and hard, conception near or far, but there is no one in the world that I would rather share it with than my wife Hope. If by miracle this bellyfish takes tonight we should find out it is cooking on my Birthday Jan 4th!!! That would be the best Birthday ever for sure!

   Since today is the first day of this Baby making Blog Journey, I am going to throw some wishes out there and see how things turn out over the course of the next year or so...

1) I would love to have a baby by Christmas next year
2) I am predicting multiples (Hope is 35)  I have a gut feeling of twins!


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